Freshly Baked Croissant Plain or Almond  6/7

Everything Croissant au Fromage  8

Warm Pain au Chocolat 7

Carrot Bread  6

Homemade Granola Caramelized bananas, pecans, whole milk, sesame   16

Fresh Fruits & Berries Yogurt, toasted hazelnuts, citrus, persimmon, apples, raw honey   16

Palatschinken Apricot confiture, whipped cream, powdered sugar   15

Pain Perdu Brioche French toast, seasonal fruit, whipped creme fraiche, maple butter   16

Viennese Breakfast  34

-Choice of orange or grapefruit juice
-Coffee or Tea
-Charcuterie, artisanal cheeses, soft boiled egg, confiture, sourdough bread, croissant

Avocado Deluxe Crushed avocado, poached egg, arugula, shaved radish, cilantro, sourdough  22

Scottish Smoked Salmon Fromage blanc, capers, onion, lemon, toasted bagel   24

Kernöl “Styrian-style” soft scrambled eggs, chives, pumpkin seed oil, mache*   16

Ham & Eggs Black Forest ham, sunny side up eggs, fingerling potatoes*   18

“Ei im Glas” Soft poached egg, hollandaise, everything bagel spice, toasted brioche  16

Bacon & Eggs Three eggs, Hatfield bacon, roasted potatoes*   17

Omelet Aged cheddar, fine herbs or Sautéed champignons, gruyère, chives**  17/ 18


Smoked Bacon thick cut Benton's bacon   6

Bratwurst Forest pork sausage  8

Avocado Half avocado, sea salt and olive oil   8

Kartoffel Schmarren Sautéed new potatoes, caraway, onion   8

Bread Grilled country bread or rye toast  3

Toasted Bagel Plain or sesame, with cream cheese  6

*Served with choice of sourdough or rye toast

**Side choice of farm fresh salad or kartoffel schmarren


Stumptown Coffee
Espresso    5
Double Espresso    8
Cappuccino.  7
Latte    7
Coffee    6
Iced Coffee    6

Hot drinks

Valrhona hot chocolate with whipped cream   10
Warm milk   5


City Harvest Green   8
City Harvest Black Blend 8
Earl Grey   8
Peppermint   8
Chamomile    8
Koloman Blend    8
Ice tea    8


Orange     8
Grapefruit   8
Carrot     8

Juice & Nectar by Emile Vergoise

Pink Gamay   10
Pure Merlot   10
Pure Organic Apple Juice  10
Apricot   10
Williams Pear   10
White Peach       10
Lychee Nectar    12

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Photography by Nick Johnson